Artist Panel

We had the pleasure to meet and listen to three different artists. I was able to learn about grad school, things that I didn’t really know or cared to find out about. It was interesting learning about the veteran art foundation and understanding what they do for veterans and how art can totally heal and help others. The only thing I found to be an issue was the length. At one point I was almost falling asleep so maybe setting time frames between speakers would be nice for next time.


Class Project Review


  1. My number one and favorite project in this class was the studio lighting activities. I think in this project we all came together as a class and experienced each other’s personalities. I got to see my classmates as photographers and as subjects which was very interesting to witness. I also liked the fact that everyone contributed to this project making it a group effort.
  2. My number two favorite project in this class was discovery lake. Being out in nature exploring different lighting was a great learning experience. I had never really worked with diffusers or LED lights which made it way more interesting for me. Also, I liked the fact that I was learning from my classmates and I was able to see their style of photography a bit more.


My least favorite project in this class was the photo booth project. It was honestly very hard for me and challenging. I’m not very used to asking strangers for “favors” or exposing myself in the way I did. I think the hardest part was dealing with rude people and the amount of NO’s I got. It was a challenge and it’s something I will probably never do again. But, despite the negative things I was happy and grateful with the people who did help me and the people I got to meet.

Guest Speakers

Today we had Ben Lewis and Arthur Marquez as guest speakers in our class. It was very interesting learning about their job and experiences. Arthur is an underwater photographer and goes around the world documenting the jobs the navy does underwater. Ben is an aerial photographer so he gets to shoot from above. When they were showing their work I was amazed by the photographs and the feelings they get to capture. I think their work is great, and they sure look like they love what they do.





I decided to go up to coco’s neighborhood to take some panoramas for this assignment. I almost got the cops called on me because apparently, I was “trespassing” but I told the lady I was a student and she was a bit more calm. Overall, it was a cool assignment, I had fun doing it.


This project was very challenging for me. I’m not the kind of person to interact with strangers voluntarily. This project forced me to get out of my comfort zone and interact with my community and people around me. At the beginning I got a lot of rejections and some people were intimidating and rude but I got passed it and I got to meet some amazing people. The turnout was great, I was expecting to be there for about three hours but it took much less. People were very supporting of the student project which made it easier. I enjoyed the project and I enjoy meeting new people.


PS: huge THANK YOU! to everyone who agreed to get their picture taken 🙂